Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Changes, Misc

Scorched earth at L'Etacq, taken from Le Braye...

.. closer.

Looking down Colomberie...

What was a tatty site on the corner is being developed.

In King Street now... a brief glimpse along Peirson Place into the Square...

A new shopfront for Clarks - one doorway not enough?!

Cardboard in the windows while the shopfitters do their stuff.
Is it just me or does shopfitters look like shoplifters at first glance?

Pound World Plus... plus what? Redundancy?

Another vacant shop has old JEP photos to entertain us.

Green Island at high tide...

.. closer.

Trees have come down at La Rocque giving us a nice view of the house and tower. Unfortunately it looks like fencing is going up instead. Just how much privacy does one really need - are they naturists in there? :)

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