Sunday, 1 March 2009

Mystery Watercolour "Back of Fort"

One for JEP readers... this mystery watercolour was in the JEP a couple of days ago.
Where, in the island, is there a sea wall walk with rocks to the left, sea to the right, with a built up area in the distance?
The little pier in St.Brelade's Bay isn't like this.
Between St.Aubin and La Haule the rocks used to come down to the shore, and the road is relatively new - but that still doesn't look right. La Rocque wouldn't fit well either, and the land in the distance at Le Hocq would be flatter in the Pontac area. I'm pretty sure the entire North and West coasts can be discounted, which only leaves....

.. La Collette. Maybe it was painted from memory, or not 100% accurate... maybe the rockface has been changed since to widen the path, or the sea wall was rebuilt... but it looks like a strong contender to me.

It looks like the artwork shows the old ship yards along between La Collette and Havre Des Pas. It certainly ties in with "Back of Fort" well enough... i.e. Fort Regent.

JEP - thanks for the article - you're welcome to publish this pic with credit to "internet blogger 'Crapaudmatic' " if that's easier than sending your own photographer. And if you strongly object to this being here, for copyright reasons, just say the word and I'll remove it.

The other watercolour could be anywhere, but it reminds me a bit of Le Hocq.

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crapaudmatic said...

I discounted La Rocque because if my memory is trustworthy the rocks don't go all that high above the path ... but mainly because the land in the distance is very flat there inland and I don't remember seeing anything in the distance from there but the immediate row of houses.