Sunday, 1 March 2009

The Wasteful Garden

What is the point trying to make this hurried-through area look pretty?
As a regular Fort user walking through here, it seems to be dug up and re-planted several times a year - which seems like a big waste of time/money/manpower considering that we have recently read complaints of lack of gardening in more important areas of the island like Devon Gardens at Gorey.

Could it be because States Members have free parking here at Pier Road in the choice spot on the ground floor nearest to town? Are TTS Parks and Gardens trying to impress The House in order to keep their budget and show what a marvellous job they do? (Which they do, certainly).

Everyone who walks through here does so in a preoccupied hurry, and it's only seen by a very few islanders and visitors. Surely it would be cheaper to lay down some wood chippings and bung in some low maintenance evergreen bushes and be done with it? Trim things quickly once in a blue moon rather than spend so much time on it, as at present?

(apologies to vertigo sufferers!)

All that great manpower could be far better spent somewhere else.

UPDATE: replanted May 2009

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