Friday, 20 March 2009

Building at risk - HDP cottage

This old fisherman's cottage at Mount Bingham is one of a number of properties most at threat.

Easy footpath access from the La Collette Gardens.

View along the prom at Havre des Pas, a hotel converted into appartments, one cafe and another hotel demolished, and the Fort d'Auvergne at the end is about to be replaced by a 7 storey block of flats!

Looking back in the direction of the gardens, and a view of land reclamation, a power station soon to be joined by a huge incinerator, and rumours have yet to be denied that this coastal walk is about to be lost to an emergency access road to that incinerator.

Just as well there aren't too many ways to ruin beaches via stupidity, or in order to satisfy their greed... *sighs*


Dottie said...

Oh no! Another piece of heaven to go? Is anyone fighting this?

Glos said...

We stayed at the Fort D'Auvergne just a few years ago.
My Gran. lived down Nelson Lane and you could walk through from the road to where those steps are. Used to change there and come nd have a swim then go back to her's and change and have a nice tea. Happy days.