Friday, 20 June 2008

From the top of Les Marais - west

Towards Noirmont this time...

.. not brilliantly clear like an expensive DSLR would manage, but my whole camera cost less than just the lens would cost for that!
You can just about make out the railings on the German tower - two inch bars from 4.5 miles away isn't too bad :o)

Right a bit, towards La Collette.

Right some more...

... and again, towards Samares Manor.

Close ups, now...

College House, now JCG

Towards the JEC at Queen's Rd., over the top of the Merton. I think that's St.Mark's spire.

Towards the Bellozane Chimney, over the bell tower of St.Luke's, and the hills of new and old St.John's Roads, Westmount cem and the water co mast.

Over the highrise Greve d'Azette area, the top of Grenville St buildings... top of Cyril Le M House tucked away behind the end of the Fort's Mont de la Ville... and a hotel at Westmount top left.

Fort Regent Signal Station, and the old cable car station too.

... left a bit, over Le Dicq and the Hotel de Normandy... the masts at La Chasse, St.Ouen in the distance.

.. left some more, the Fort Dome, above Le Dicq.

.. closer. There's the tunnel and roundabout.

Left some more, the old pool at the Fort's Glacis Field. Is that St.Peter's church spire? Below...

... the pool at Havre des Pas of course.

Further left, the power station chimney, with La Haule behind...

... with a Martello Tower next to old barracks at the TA HQ.

Left again, the fuel farm, and...

.. Elizabeth Castle, and St.Aubin in the distance.


Jsysco said...

Great descriptive photos, have you thought about stitching them together into a wider panorama with something like Autostitch?

Also, how'd you get up there?

crapaudmatic said...

Hi, thanks for commenting.

I have dabbled with stitching before, but I found it doesn't really work very well on-screen because the detail just isn't there. You end up with a pointless thin strip if it's sized to fit on screen in one go, or if you make it 'taller' and scrollable it might as well be individual pics. It just doesn't suit a 4:3 screen (or even 16:9), although it's great for long prints. My camera starts at 28mm equiv, which is wide enough to keep me happy for now.

How I got there? If you want to see the view that badly, you'll find a way! :o)