Thursday, 26 June 2008

Town Changes - Queen St side

Corner of Halkett St and Hilgrove St
- fast food in the old Brown's Fashion House
- the old Videocenter is due to be redeveloped

.. despite not being very old. But the plan includes these olde (historic) shoppes next to the cafe in the old T Smith sports shop, which means heritage lovers object.

How quaint a 'central' 5-digit phone number seems now! I wonder how much longer this will stay there?

This Queen St jeweller had a closing down sale, but is still open.

The trees with seating were removed around the time of a vintage car parade, and have yet to return (possibly due to an enlarged al fresco seating area?).
It seems like all trees are being systematically removed from the precincts.

Hilgrove St...

.. and oh I how I miss Luigi's excellent pasta!

So sad to see shops close.

They don't make 'em like that any more.

To be bulldozed out of existance? I hope not.


Anonymous said...

Anyone remember the shop a bit furthur up, think it was called Jomens or something similar. Weird place sold all sorts of stuff.

crapaudmatic said...

No, sorry, that doesn't ring any bells here! In Hilgrove St?