Tuesday, 24 June 2008


Hamons announced they will be closing at some point, so here's something to remember them by...

From by Voisins

The corner...

.. closer.


Along a bit.
"If there's ever rioting and looting in King St, there's a teatowel in Hamon's that will be mine" - (paraphrased) - A Lewis

Further along...

Other side of New Cut

.. back a bit.


Anonymous said...

Good place for old farts like you.
It is you Davros /AHITS isn't it!
So many personalities, so little time

crapaudmatic said...

I have published this comment to show him up - must be so proud of himself spreading venom like that!

Thanks for commenting, I needed a good giggle!

Sorry I didn't interest you with the subject matter. I do believe there may be some people out there who DO appreciate a look at bits of Old Jersey before they're lost forever... i.e. crapauds no longer perched on this rock :o)

Anonymous said...


hahahahahaaaa said...

How terribly delightful!

Anonymous said...

I think you have an excellent idea in capturing all those images of Jersey places. Think of the places we've lost eg. the Pav and you can get a sense of the future value.
If I get a decent camera I might even start a similar thing myself. Start with the Splash shall I? Then on to various agricltural machinery and working smalholdings and farms before they go the way of the developers bulldozer.

crapaudmatic said...

Thank you St-O, yes... please do! The more the merrier :o)