Monday, 16 June 2008

Down the beach

Friday evening at the beach, West Park.

Golden sands

Sea wall repairs nearly finished...

.. left a bit.



That's what I call a sandcastle.


The Esplanade...

... closer.

This camera is good enough for the craters on the moon...

... but not so good for Noirmont from the prom :o)

A wavepiercer in the 'small roads'....

... beyond the limits of blur.

This shot of the castle isn't so great either. But it's not so bad for a 200 quid camera any old Joe Schmoe can buy, with no extras used at all... especially compared to the cameras I grew up with.


Anonymous said...

very nıce pıctures


Rosy said...

Really amazing pictures! I hope you upload more soon. :3

crapaudmatic said...

Thank you very much! That surprised me to get comments so soon :o)

Yes, I will add more and more pictures until I reach the limit.