Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Town Changes - King St side

(Queen St side to follow tomorrow)
Pictures taken at the end of March 2008

Halkett Place : Rock Island, now closed...

.. and currently boarded up while being refitted.

'Yess' - previously King Street News for many years...

.. is now a Checkers Express.
Long-absent crapauds may be slightly surprised to see another Boots this end of town (been there a few years now).

Dandara's presence in the precinct (where Tie Rack was for many years), next to a Benetton that replaced the more yellow shopfront of the previous scented soap emporium.
To the left, the C&W Sure Mobile shop is on the corner, next to the cider press in front of M&S.

I thought I'd take this shot in case either of these two vanished.

At least some things seem to stay the same :o)

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