Sunday, 4 September 2011

GF street art - the September stickers

(Updated Mon 12th Sept - lots more)

Missing the GF art? Here are plenty to admire, that I've found this weekend...

(near the Town Church)

He's gone down in size - which makes them even more fun to spot - and harder to remove. Lots of them about, he's really gone to town with them (pun intended!).

(in King Street)

There are two types out there at the moment - these HELLO stickers...

(near the Pomme)

(most attractive, another at a previous site near the church)

.. but most of them use a readily available source of stickers...

.. Customs declaration stickers from the post office!

This one is along the Route Du Fort - a route very well plastered with them.

By the Town Hall, attacked already.


Replacing an earlier cardboard work on a phone box in an open area.

Another by the Pomme.

The start of a little mystery. Doesn't look like his usual works, isn't signed, but uses the same mailing stickers!

(Conway Street)

Back to the Route du Fort...

.. it makes a change to be checking out sign posts now!

.. and phone boxes again, of course.

At a crossroads.

Nice. GF's?

No puzzle here.

By the HD park. I cut through to return to my veehickle...

.. and found this one the other side of the park.

.. and another customs sticker work...

.. along the way back to the town center, it's those knees again!



Like it.

Hate it!

Can't be GF, surely? Are his mates copying his idea for a laugh?

Grenville Street.

Maybe it wasn't his idea? I'd seen this one way back at the start of all this and ignored it...

.. and farther along the same street, this one looks quite old and definitely not GF.

Alongside that one, another that really has been there a while!

So, back to Georgetown...

- it's all rather confusing.

Aha, I know where I am with this style...

.. I love this photo for the way there are the same colour tones in the car glass as the art itself.

One more for now, another callbox job.

The sheer variety of these blows me away. The enthusiasm for the art, for shape, form and colour is just wonderful for someone just starting out on what should hopefully turn into quite some career. I would not be surprised if the GF name ends up as well known as Tilling and Rolls in the island - and possibly elsewhere? Keep it up young man, you brighten up the place!

Update Wed 7th Sept

Found some more, mostly GF...

Near the Admiral...

.. and St.James.

Pier Road.

New Street.

I ignored the half-peeled away one inside a doorway in Union Street, and continued along to...

.. by the Magistrates...

.. and a nearby load of bollards.

Seale Street...

.. and another.

La Motte Street...

.. and another.

New Cut.

I saw this one at the Market ages ago and the style didn't seem to be GF - so the Hello sticker had me confused for a moment until I realised this one was for whereas GF gets his art supplies from somewhere else -

Check out the awesome graffiti on their blog

Mon 12th Sept - lots more found in recent days...

I suspect this one is close to the artist's home :)

At the HD Park junctions

James Street

Lib. Square

Lib. Square

Lib. Square

Mulcaster Street

Mulcaster Street

New Cut...

.. quack on the back.

Conway Street

Conway Street

Conway Street on a shopfront

Lib. Square on a sign

Near Lib. Square, traffic island

Over the road from Lib. Square

Nice colourful larger one, heading into the tunnel

Weighbridge / Mulcaster Street

Mulcaster Street

A different artist, different Hello sticker

Another shopfront, Charing Cross

A small cluster at Samares...

.. 0n the inner road...

.. St. Clement.

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That's great to see, nice finds. I'll be out looking for these tomorrow.