Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Commercial Bldgs - meddling with the roads

The road needed resurfacing, so the Anti-Parking Dept. has once again shifted priorities away from the many motorists to the few pedestrians.

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Here by South Pier the parking has come outwards a bit to provide a wider walkway / cycle route. I sense that some bollards may have to sprout up here eventually.

The dirt car park has been tarred up to make up for the loss of parking along the roadside due to a now excessively wide walkway. But, as the pic shows, we're used to pulling up there, and so people will just mount the kerb!

Life was simpler then :)

See for yourself...

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(and aren't the Sea Cadets hoping to build a new TS HQ here, moving down from the fort? Watch and weep as the new carpark goes, and the harbour mouth view with it)

A complete waste of resources at Commercial Buildings...

.. a new granite wall - for what good reason?

(from Pier Rd)

There used to be 'armco' metal barrier here, painted white, which was absolutely fine and drew no attention to itself. No, let's build an expensive wall instead!

How did we manage before?!

Alongside the Old Harbour, the path now meanders...

.. around the harbour wall steps...

.. despite there being no problems before, now we've lost two stretches of parking...

(as it was)

.. to make room for it.

If it becomes an official cycling route then I won't mind quite so much, but I've never had any problems along the road here, it's on the flat and it's no problem to keep up with the traffic (usually wind-assisted from a southerly).

Still, it's only public money, and it's made the route 0.0001% safer for the occasional visiting yachties walking into town.


Anonymous said...

Great photos and comments, that show how TTS seem to have money to burn! I thought The States were supposed to be making cut backs?

jgreg said...

Great Stuff
Keep up your excellent work