Friday, 16 September 2011


I've hardly taken any photos this year, so here are a few odds and ends which is just about it for the time being. If viewers were to actually comment, there'd be a better chance that I'd do more :)

St.Helier Harbour...

.. and the Sea Shepherd that came over for the whaling conference.

Coastal Tours

Lots of boats - taking part in the Tour des Ports de la Manche.

At the marina by the New North Quay.

Gorey with the French coastline in the distance...

.. castle, closer...

.. Castle Green.

End of St.Catherine's Breakwater with the Ecrehos in the background, then the French coast.

Checkers before it morphed into Waitrose...

.. closer.

Our beautiful waterfront.


One or two kites.

Where the VideoCenter used to be, on the corner of Hilgrove and Halkett Streets - with the dome of the market visible behind.
It would have made a nice open space, another square :)

At the Clock Tower at Charing Cross, a new videoscreen advertising device...

.. kind of them to tell us the Sterling-to-Sterling exhange rate is 1.000 (what about commission?!)

Aerial view of St.Helier, on display at Liberty Wharf...

.. which had yet to be developed at the time, along the an office block, the bus station, the Royal Yacht extension where the JMT depot was, and the new Weighbridge Square.

Three sides of the old burnt-out chapel have gone, leaving the grand frontage for more flats.

Through the Keyhole. Who would live in a place like this? :)


Anonymous said...

Not very good at commenting - sorry.
Do appreciate the pictures though as they give me the chance to see how my island has changed since I left it.

Anonymous said...

Nice shot of the Sea Shepherd. I went twice to try for a photo and missed it both times.

What's the green 'Can't trace me on CCTV' on the clock tower? It looks like it was added after the photo was taken.

Also, don't get discouraged by the lack of comments. Most people don't bother, but we all enjoy the photos.

crapaudmatic said...

Thanks, good to know I have some viewers :)

The clock pic had the precise time on it, and it would be trivial for the CCTV operators to look up their recorded footage for that time and see me. Very very very unlikely :) but there are some nutters out there in blog-land with connections, and it was simple enough to block the tiny risk, so why not, LOL

Anonymous said...

Re: "Can't trace me on CCTV"
I like the way your mind works!!

wobblybean said...

Hiya Mr C, Sorry not posted much recently but all you pics and comments much appreciated. Please do contnue to take and post pics. Reminds me of my lovely holidays over there and I am making plans to be over next year so any pics of changes would be appreciated. Best wishes, A.

Anonymous said...

Not very good at commenting either, but really enjoy seeing your great pictures.

Please don't give up. Going by "Wobblybean"s comments, it sounds like you are doing a great job for Jersey Tourism too! You should apply for a tourism grant!! ;)

crapaudmatic said...

That would be one way to lose my anonymity, LOL

Thanks everyone, I am currently feeling inspired to continue :)

Anonymous said...

Excellent news, you just need the weather to improve now :)

The shots of Mont Orgueil with the French coast in the background are fantastic. Can you do some more like these please? Can you see Les Minquiers clearly from La Rocque for example?

Great work Crapaudmatic.

Anonymous said...

Wow, some amazing photos. Can't wait to see more.

crapaudmatic said...

Thank you!! :)