Monday, 27 January 2014

Tas de Geon guardhouse

On the trail of the old guardhouse at Tas de Geon. Tas = pile or heap, not to be confused with tasse = cup. Geon = Gorse/Furze (thanks Shane)

Here it is marked as a ruin already on a 1914 map.

Fighting through some gorse we found the spot. Note the grey spot where a pile of stones is found, and an oblong outline to the east - an old battery?
Don't expect to find this (1939 photo)...
.. just a rectangular dip in the ground, with some stone walls around 3 sides...
.. and a heap of stones to the north-east of the dip. That's the good thing about a nice day at this time of year, just wade through the dead bracken and brambles and you can get to spots that are too overgrown in the summer.
Les Hurets can be seen from here - at least that one is still standing.

So, not a lot to see here (although it might make for an interesting archaeological dig) but at least we can say we found what looks like the spot.


Shane said...

Interesting post. Geon means gorse. The Public still own this site and a short path leading to it from the southwest.

crapaudmatic said...

Thanks Shane. Heap of Gorse sounds better than Tas de Geon :)

It used to be so much more open when the Decca masts were here. Now it's just overgrown with gorse and just one path through. Great for wildlife (as if the rabbits and birds don't have enough space already on the coast) but not so great for recreation.