Tuesday, 28 January 2014

"Peat Forest" uncovered at St.Ouen's Bay

OK it's not headline news, having been covered in all the local media and with plenty of shots on Facebook, etc. But, seeing as I went to take a look, why not? The location is by a pair of steps near the fast food trailer at Le Port (map) near the end of Rte de la Marette.
As seen from the beach.
A layer of peat on top of looser material that some have called loess, but looks more like a cross between a newly started compost heap and Christmas pud to me :)
Looking down, 1....
.. 2.
You could probably arrange a crude joke about ancient wood and Bruce Forsyth if you're so inclined...
.. still quite impressive to think it's been here for some 8000 years. And still a little disappointing compared to what I've hoped to see ever since my parents (many years ago) said there were 'tree stumps' down here somewhere :)

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