Friday, 2 April 2010

More unwelcome development

At South Hill, the most southerly part of the Fort Regent military complex on La Mont de la Ville, lies an oasis of "green lung" calm (with La Collette Gardens as a neighbour). The only manmade intrusion here was a gym and some reversing bays for learner drivers. Now though, the JEC are building a "switching station" here, quite why there wasn't a better place to put it (somewhere near the new incinerator on reclaimed land, perhaps?) we haven't been told.

Needless to say, I'm not too happy to see building work here in what should be a protected green zone.

(from up the top of South Hill)

.. closer.

Down in the gardens, with the old swimming pool's roof beyond.

.. and from the mound of the gardens to the east.

The reversing bays entrance has been widened ...

.. and a new bay has been added. If any learner slips on the pedals and lurches backwards over this edge it will be an expensive mistake!

215 years ago the roads were a bit different around here.

I guess this means nothing to the Planning Dept.


DottieBean said...

Is nothing sacred anymore? I dispair :(
Thanx for highlighting this.

Anonymous said...

there used to be explosives on this site from WWII
I wonder if ther are any still there??