Saturday, 22 November 2008

View west from Fort Ramparts

(and no big wheel required!)

Here's the wide view from the ramparts, taking in the delights of the Steam Clock, "West of Albert" urban sprawl and underpass, the tunnel entrance, Weighbridge Area, Liberation Square, the "Island Site" and bus station, Esplanade etc.

The statue area in Liberation Square, and the old abattoir area behind (being renovated into a shopping mall).

It's not great, but better than the waste of time sunken road they're planning.

Delightful Jersey charm.

New blocks on land where the corner of the beach used to be.

The Esplanade and start of Victoria Avenue...

.. if this area feels like a "concrete desert"... it's because it is!


goooooood girl said...
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Anonymous said...

I don't know why you have had a sudden increase in visits but MOH and myself visit regularly as we no longer live in Jersey and your pictures give us a wonderful taste of home.
Thank you

Dottie said...

Hi! Well you are on a link in the NEW JerseyBeans!

But once your photo blog is seen it s never forgotten!

crapaudmatic said...

Ta very much!

Every now and then I get a sudden massive increase in visits straight after publishing a new comment, and it dies off after an hour or so.
I assume that there's a list of recently updated blogs somewhere that I briefly appear on, but I've no idea where that would be!

It would be nice to find out, if someone would be so kind....


Anonymous said...

It's a great shame but as hard as you try there is nothing you can do about St Helier, it's a bloody tip.f