Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Platte Rocque Tower - evening light

The house here at La Rocque, Grouville (on map), has changed hands recently...

.. and some low buildings obscuring the view of the tower have been removed...

.. leaving a rough edge to the roof on this tastefully decorated shack :)

Looks more like someone's front door than an 18th century tower's. Does it need a letterbox? :o)

From the pier, the splash of colour is quite cheerful really.

.. closer.

Info board. I've never heard of the Pasley chap before, I thought it was Conway?

Pictures taken from public land in accordance with relevant laws. If the new owners are upset regarding privacy issues or suchlike, please get in touch - thanks


Dottie said...

Thnks so much! Well that pink isn't so bad really!

TonyTheProf said...

Just enjoying the pink shed!

I bet Norman Bates is somewhere there!

Great pix, but in my Mr Picky persona, Martello Tower (in your labels) is not strictly true - they are Jersey Round Towers.

crapaudmatic said...

Thanks for commenting.

I would say to Mr Picky that most people call them Martello Towers so it's a case of "when in Rome..."

Besides, the idea of a 'Martello' tower is a fortified coastal round tower a couple of stories high with cannon on top. That's exactly what the Jersey Round Towers are, even if they pre-date the English discovery and implementation of the idea.