Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Landslip at St.Catherine closes footpath to Flicquet

There was a "blink and you'll miss it" mention on the BBC TV news yesterday (especially if you'd just turned over from Channel Report and missed the start), with a single static shot that didn't really give much of a clue where the landslip happened. Here's a wider view you'll probably recognise, as you drive into the loop road and pass the car/boat park on the right...

.. closer. I stood there once to take some photos :)
Any critters that lived under there aren't going to live to tell the tale.
So that's the Ruelle du Verclut footpath out of action for a while. I hope that they reroute around the damage soon.
Not far away, TTS mend the storm-damaged slipway near the white tower.

Friday, 7 February 2014

Out West in the morning sun

If you only venture out west on a Sunday drive in the afternoon, you probably seldom see these landmarks sunlit from the other direction. The Barge Aground.
Lewis Tower
The little white house at Le Don Hilton.
El Tico, with its bunker half buried in the car park...
.. here's another one. They don't seem to get much love, these ones - not having had Big Guns and without great coastal views they are a bit neglected.
Tower and Lighthouse.
Down the road past Kempt Tower.
La Rocco Tower when it's not a silhouette.
I've been meaning to show how Le Braye Cafe has changed in recent years, here it is at last...
... closer. Not just a terrace and serving hatch any more - and also a bit different since the Streetview shot from 2010.
La Rocco Tower on its reef, L'Etacq beyond on the right with the pinnacle rock, and beyond that, Sark and its Les Burons rocks to the east.
Bunker at La Carriere near La Pulente, with St.Ouen's Bay as a backdrop.
Bunker at Resistance Nest L'Oeillere.
La Corbiere...
.. and right a bit, from another place on another day. Looks like a big rock has fallen away on the right, leaving bare earth exposed.
Closer. How many people park there and don't realise that they're on top of a bunker?
Val de la Mare reservoir from Mont Rossignol. You can't drive along the tracks here any more, but there's a swing-gate entrance for considerate walkers.
After recent storms and heavy rain, the square fort's car park is now more of a model boating lake :)

Monday, 3 February 2014

Stormy on the East Coast

In the style of an excitable teen who has just discovered exclamation marks :)  ...

Look at the water surge over the sea wall!
Look at the spray higher than the tower!
Look at Archirondel getting a battering, and the colour of the churned up water!!
Look at the orange boat as high as the pier, the water flooding off the pier, the coastline in the distance pounded by waves!
Look at the beachside cafe washed up at Longbeach!!