Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Landslip at St.Catherine closes footpath to Flicquet

There was a "blink and you'll miss it" mention on the BBC TV news yesterday (especially if you'd just turned over from Channel Report and missed the start), with a single static shot that didn't really give much of a clue where the landslip happened. Here's a wider view you'll probably recognise, as you drive into the loop road and pass the car/boat park on the right...

.. closer. I stood there once to take some photos :)
Any critters that lived under there aren't going to live to tell the tale.
So that's the Ruelle du Verclut footpath out of action for a while. I hope that they reroute around the damage soon.
Not far away, TTS mend the storm-damaged slipway near the white tower.

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James said...

Does anyone know whether Ruelle de Verclut belongs to the Parish of St Martin or to the Public?