Monday, 3 February 2014

Stormy on the East Coast

In the style of an excitable teen who has just discovered exclamation marks :)  ...

Look at the water surge over the sea wall!
Look at the spray higher than the tower!
Look at Archirondel getting a battering, and the colour of the churned up water!!
Look at the orange boat as high as the pier, the water flooding off the pier, the coastline in the distance pounded by waves!
Look at the beachside cafe washed up at Longbeach!!


Anonymous said...

I was too lazy to do a blog post on this so I'm pleased to see you did. I posted a bunch of photos over the weekend to my Twitter feed though. Hardly any replies, but hundreds of downloads of the linked full-size images so people seem to like them.

I was out Sunday morning, walking along the upper level of the seawall at Elizabeth Marina (out past the Freedom Tree). I reached into my pocket for my mobile and somehow dropped my camera. Literally felt a bump on my foot, then heard the camera hit the concrete, then watched as it went over the edge to the rocks five feet below. Then a wave hit it. I climbed right down, thinking it was trashed but hoping to get the memory card with the photos at least. It still works! Can't believe it, but I cleaned the water off it and kept shooting photos. Amazing build quality for a cheap DSLR.

Next high tide + storm I think I'll go East like you did, but I'll try to stay a bit further back from the water...

Shane said...

Amazing photos of the amazing weather we've had lately!!!! ;)

crapaudmatic said...

Thanks Shane, Tom - glad to hear the camera survived... try a neck strap ;)
Enjoyed the shots on your tweets too.