Saturday, 6 August 2011

GF street art - the August batch

(updated Mon 12th Sept - 1 new! Only 6 left)

Thanks to someone leaving this link on the comments for my first GF blog page - you might like to visit and see how many I've missed! I reckon he must have placed most of them, taken the photo, and then taken them away again ;)

Here's an idea for you GF - print out a sheet of these 'QR codes', cut them out and stick them on any future artworks around town. Smartphone users can point their wonderfones at them and will be directed to your facebook URL :)

Be a trailblazer and take graffiti art to the 21st century!

As I've found some more today (Sat 6th Aug), I thought it was time to do a new blog posting for the August findings...

Another good find by Tom, thanks, on a bin near a park (Wed 3rd Aug)

(status - missing, between Sat
13th Aug and Sun 14th)

Another good find by Tom - thanks again! (Thu 4th Aug) - on the Route du Fort.

(status - missing, between Sun 7th Aug and Wed 10th Aug)

And there's another close by! Thanks, Tom - I wouldn't have spotted this if I hadn't gone to look for the previous one :)

(status - present, Sun 4th Sept)

And also today (Fri 5th Aug) I found this out of the way down by a couple of others in the Plat Douet cluster :)

(status - missing, between Fri 12th Aug and Sun 14th)

There's also a residue mark on a phone box at Snow Hill which makes me wonder if we've missed one there too :)

Also, a friend of mine said he saw some up at the Fort in the week, but I couldn't find any today so they're lost to us :(

Sat 6th Aug

Spotted in Central Town today, a great colourful one on a disused side of the payphones.

(status - missing, between Fri 19th Aug and Tues 23rd)

Tricky to snap in the middle of a dual carriageway, but luckily the traffic was light for a few moments so I could stop :)

(status, present, Sun 11th Sept)

Another attempt to make one last at the car park!

(status - missing, between Sat 20th Aug and Wed 24th)

Found at the other end of the Route du Fort (Wed 10th Aug) in a good sheltered spot visible from the road.

(status - missing, between
Mon 29th Aug and Wed 31st)

Spotted by the Town Park site (Sat 20th Aug). Caught it just in time, was gone by the next morning. Maybe someone thought is was a bit Fuhrer-like and took offence?

(status - missing between Sat 20th Aug and Sun 21st)

Any more now might get a bit lost amongst the election posters starting to appear. Maybe GF could take the mick with some Vote GF art? :)

While we wait for more from GF, here's another take on street art -

- note the knickers around the knees, LOL

I've gathered together all the remaining ones left from the previous two blog postings so I don't have to keep re-editing those -

In the park, found by Tom (Tues 28th June)

(status - present as of Sun 11th Sept, badly faded)

Sunlight does that!

One more found in the town center, Weds 6th July on the phone boxes in Broad Street which are now cleaned of all their own promotional stickers too.

(status - missing, between
Mon 29th Aug and Wed 31st)

I found this one on a bin in the familiar People's Park region, Sun 10th July.

(status - missing, between Wed 31st Aug and Sat 3rd Sept)

One by the park (found Wed 13th July) that has so many others.

(status - present Sun 11th Sept)

Spotted in the Parade (Thurs 14th July) - not visible from the road past the hospital - turn to the old toilets cafe...

(status - present Sun 11th Sept)

Inside a locked display (found by Tom, Fri 15th July) case near marinas.

(status - present Sun 28th Aug)

Spotted on another traffic signals cab. (Wed 27th July) - by the Howard Davis Park main entrance.

(status - missing, between Mon 29th Aug and Fri 2nd Sept)

New one noticed at the waterfront (spotted Sun 11th Sept)


Anonymous said...


That's it, I'm going for a long walk with the camera again. It's like an Easter egg hunt for adults...

Video Zeum said...

Interesting website. Keep blogging!

Anonymous said...

I like the campaign posters idea. Either spoofs, or legitimate ones. Any candidate hiring GF to make real posters will automatically get my vote.

Also, it seems like people are looking for these and pulling them down faster. Many of the originals were up for weeks, now we are down to days or hours. Too bad.

crapaudmatic said...

Thanks for the comments.

It's getting a bit disheartening just how boring Jersey folk are when it comes to leaving these artworks in place. The one in the market wasn't hurting anyone :(

Bricketts said...

The GF Facebook page seems to have been deleted! Anyone know whether GF has changed it? I would like to get in contact with GF, anyone know how to get hold of him/her?!