Wednesday, 13 July 2011

GF graffiti artist still active

(Updated Sun 7th Aug - all missing)

I've found so many more GF artworks today that it was time to make a new posting. The previous blog entry will still be updated as and when the inevitable removals are discovered.

This one was down at the Waterfront, until the hoardings it was on, around Castle Quay, were removed.

(status - missing, between Sun 24th July and Thu 4th Aug)

This one was on the marina shop (by the steam clock).

(status - missing, between
Wed 27th July and Thu 4th Aug)

Was in the car-park area where they go missing really quickly.

(status - missing between Wed 27th July and Sun 31st July)

In Colomberie on the Blockbusters shopfront...

(status - missing. between Wed 27th July and Fri 5th Aug)

.. not far from this framed one, which was at what used to be Colomberie House.

(status - missing Wed 27th July, last checked Sat 16th July)

Again, in that car-park region, at the pedestrian island in the junction of Castle St and Commercial St.

(status - missing Thurs 14th July)

The next two were placed on Wednesday 13th in the early evening - on one trip around town they weren't there but the next time around there they were! How annoying that I missed GF placing them!

A bit farther along Seaton Place on a tels cabinet.

(status - missing Wed 20th July)

Near the corner with Gloucester Street.
I reckon Postie will take this away at the next collection.

(yes, it's missing the next day, Thurs 14th July)

Surprisingly far from the others, down in St.Clement, on a junction where there's nowhere nearby to park - so I had to make do with a long zoom shot from the traffic lights :)

(status - missing Fri 22nd July)

Apparently this had been in place for a couple of weeks.

(Thurs 14th July)

Another at Cheapside, side of AJ's shop.

(status - missing Sat 23rd July)

I was very surprised to find this one inside a shop yesterday. I'd be far too embarrassed to take a photo, so I alerted Tom, and thankfully he went and took these...

.. closer.

The shop in question (CoOp) said they were happy to keep it there, but, sadly, Tom reports...

(status - missing, Sat 16th July)

More found by Tom today (Thurs 14th July)

In the region of the old Library and Royal Square...

(status - missing, between
Mon 1st Aug and Fri 5th Aug)

.. over the road...

(status - missing, as of Mon 18th July)

.. and another nearby.

(status - missing between Sat 6th Aug and Sunday 7th)

And, making four in this small area, one closer to the rank on the side of the old bank.

(status - missing, between Mon 1st Aug and Fri 5th Aug)

Placed nearby the subject matter, New Street.

(I couldn't find this, Fri 15th July)

Many thanks again to Tom, who has had great fun today! I'm very glad my tip-off led you towards your journey of discovery.

Fri 15th July
I didn't find any more today, but Tom did (thanks again!)...

Another phone box decoration, at the Weighbridge.

(status - missing, between Mon 25th July and Wed 3rd Aug)

Sat 16th July was fairly fruitless for searching, I only found this one, weathered and withered in Plat Douet Rd. on a bin by the school.

(status - missing, between
Sun 24th July and Sat 6th Aug)

A big Hello to GF if you're reading this, and well done, I'm very impressed with your talent! I hope you sell loads :)

Tues 19th July

We now know who GF is - anyone sufficiently interested can work it out. I won't name him here as we don't want to make it too easy for any grumpy property owner to make a mountain out of a small amount of glue residue molehill!

Thanks for the messages Tom & "Like".

That's it for now, I may update the page when I notice any of the above works go missing, or maybe not :)
... the 'graffiti art' phenomenon seems to have come to an end, and that's that (although the "word on the wall" is that he intends - or intended - to continue with Street Art).


Like said...

The last one in your post here, at time of writing, on the grey junction box in front of the railing, is the first one I spotted a couple of weeks ago (it's near to where I live). I am delighted to learn that the mysterious street artist is still being busy, and is keeping you busy in turn!

crapaudmatic said...

Thousands of people live near that one, LOL
Good to hear it's a week or two old and not prone to dissolving in the rain :)

Anonymous said...

Still active is an understatement! I'm stoked to see all these.

I am well impressed by the variety of techniques, from the tape application/removal to drizzling the white paint, to spraying and now incorporating different materials and textures.

As far as the question of vandalism, or perceived vandalism, I have to point out that these are all out in public. Anyone can see these and copycat acts are common. You would not be able to prove a specific item was done by the artist, without other evidence. Anyone could go out and make a lookalike painting and stick it on Terry LeSueur's Lamborghini (don't), it doesn't mean much.

The law has a higher burden of proof. When in doubt, ask a lawyer. And always, ALWAYS remember that you can remain silent. Be respectful, but be silent if you get stopped.

Anonymous said...

Great job covering this over the last few weeks. I was checking your page about five times a day to see if you had found more! It had to come to an end sometime. You find lots of interesting stuff though, so it's on to the next big thing...

Anonymous said...

Aww, now I'm going to have to start searching again! Hope we see more soon.

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