Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Rare Coast: La Saline / Mourier Bay

Without a boat you won't have much luck trying to reach this one (map) - there are no easy routes down. It's below La Saline Quarry, in Mourier Bay - part of the larger St.John's Bay according to the phone book map.

.. closer - observe what looks like a path... we'll come to that later :)

So many landslides, no wonder there's no cliffpath along here yet.

So, the most reliable way here is by boat...

.. and it's worth a visit if you like to step upon parts of Jersey far from the maddening crowd :)

Old granite steps from what must be many years ago - fishing origin or tourism, I wonder?

The path leads to a ladder bit...

.. and a then steep climb with rope for assistance.

It's probably one of those anglers' routes - they're a dedicated bunch. The path ends up behind a locked gate near the usual footpath - so it's not a path to try from above if you like sticking to society's rules! I wonder who owns this land though?

View west from up here...

.. and the coast to the east...

.. closer.


wobblybean said...

What a fantastic set of pics. Together with very useful information as to how to get there. Congrats on an expedition into the relativly unknown, what an intrepid explorer you are, Doctor Crapaudmatic I presume!!!!!! A

crapaudmatic said...

Thanks WB!
Not really a Doctor, no. I keep a few in business though :)