Friday, 2 July 2010

Another photo-blog

At last, someone else is doing this kind of thing! seems to be a Jersey Heritage affair with Rob Bryans. Makes a change from my type of photography too - mine is wide angle along with closeups from afar, trying to keep things looking "as is" for realism. The new blog is far more artistic, with punchy colourful photos getting in close, background out of focus, vignetting (darkened corners) etc. for that classic photography look.

I'm puzzled why the report on CTV last night made it sound like anyone could join in and they were looking for more contributers, whereas it seems to be a normal blog from what I can see. Perhaps someone can clear that up for me, please!


Anonymous said...

Different angle I suppose, looks like someting to do with RHJS as I'm a member and the content is agriculture basically, but your piccys are the best by far in the island for depth and clarity. Keep up the good work and I will always be having a look at your blog stuff as it's so good and professional. R.

crapaudmatic said...

Thanks R :)

DottieBean said...

I totally agree!