Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Royal Jersey Golf Course, Grouville

It's a great bay we have along the east coast of the island, no wonder it earned itself the "Royal" tag...

.. somehow it's never my first choice for a beach walk but when I do go there it never fails to impress. The whole "it's east facing, the sun's the wrong way" thing really isn't a problem.

It's a place where, rarely, the much older fortifications (towers, forts, castle) seem to outnumber the German ones - even the anti-tank wall isn't overbearingly large - and there's even a section where dunes still merge with the beach without a wall - very rare indeed over here!

All in all it's a great place for a Golf Course...

.. with one the best backdrops of any in the world...

.. I would imagine.

Feel free to post comments about any better courses :)

Anyone know the history of this little structure?

View down to La Rocque at the South East corner.

For a moment you can imagine a Sark-like absence of tarmac and cars.

Fort Henry

.. from the 1700s I believe.

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