Saturday, 8 May 2010

Boat Show

Last weekend we enjoyed another boat show, perchance to dream about being able to afford such luxuries.

Makes you proud to be British, doesn't it?

That's HMS Mersey, of Fisheries Protection.

I guess a Union Flag with a white border has some meaning... must look it up some time.

Probably won't be the last time tanks roll up the pier.

At the back (aft/stern/whatever) of the Lord Nelson...

.. closer.

From the front (does the 'correct' word really matter?!)...

.. closer.

The queue was too long to get on these, I didn't have the time and patience...

.. so zoomy lens will have to do.

The sun actually shone, the night before...

.. and impressed me with all the reds lit nicely.

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wobblybean said...

Thanks for the pics of luxury, one can only dream!!! Nearest I could get would be a rowing boat on the nearest lake and I can't even row! Have sailed with an experienced sailor and ferries but never on my own so would have to have the dosh to pay for a crew and enjoy the sunshine!!! Brill pics as usual. A