Tuesday, 13 October 2009

On the prom near the Gunsite

Run a cafe in an old bunker and call it the Gunsite, and the whole area becomes known by that name.

Towards Bel Royal / Millbrook.

Looking back...

.. from the Gunsite Slip.

I wonder if Beaumont Tower will ever become known as the Gunsite Tower? :)

I find pink/red tarmac repulsive, but green is delightful :o)

Looking up inland for a moment, don't ask me why.

Dogwalkers and...

.. St.Aubin's Fort.

.. right a bit, secluded coves 'behind' St.Aubin.

Into the light... Elizabeth Castle.

Birds and stripes.

Damp beach ...

.. enjoyed by walkers....

.. and horseperson.

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