Thursday, 1 October 2009

Misc from September

I might as well publish these before they get too old :)

A recent furze fire at L'Etacq...

.. closer...

.. slightly blurry but it was rather distant.

How green is my valley? Mourier, in fact, from the cliff path.

I wonder if I've ever noticed before that there's nothing behind the facade here in the middle at Chambers, and then forgotten... only to rediscover it... possibly a few times? :)

C.T. Maine the jewellers, by Hamons, is going to close after many many years....

.. closer...

.. above the door.

A quick grab of the scene at La Rocque which caught my eye for some reason - the colour of the patch of drier sand.

Slipway cafe at Bel Royal at dusk.

Good for a giggle if you have my sense of humour - if the shutters actually closed, how much of the windows would they cover?

.. nearby, the scaffolding has come down from the new tower...

.. closer.

Ann Court coming down too.

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