Friday, 24 April 2009

Westmount - more

You don't even have to leave the road to get a good view of town and the bay...

.. but you do see more when standing by the wall....

.. it has changed a bit over the years!


.. due to become the new Finance Quarter with sunken road (not that I've heard anyone be in favour of it apart from ministers)

Distant view taking in the Maritime Museum area and Pier Road beyond on the hill.

Looking down the steps to People's Park

Up the hill a little, overlooking the bowls green.

Classical + Gas

V College


wobblybean said...

Up to your normal high standards!!! both with pics and comments!LOL Who's idea was it to put a gasometer in the middle of buildings? Not thinking straight me thinks or was it a case of which came first..gas or buildings???!! Still enjoyed the views and a great idea to put the comparison between then and now of the view from Westmount so we can see how much of the land has been reclaimed....much more and Jersey will be joined to the UK and then I can drive over LOL LOL!!!

crapaudmatic said...

Thanks wobbly
First things first, a bridge to France will do for starters ;)