Saturday, 18 April 2009

Sea fog

Friday evening - there was a bank of fog in the distance up north...

.. distant shores visible, nearby sea visible...

.. but a great big fluffy fog in the middle.

Here's the east end of Sark.

.. the westerly end from our viewpoint, and the smaller Jethou island.

That'll be Guernsey.

Towards Normandy...

.. closer...

.. closer yet, the wind turbines in the distance.

Fremont mast in the sunset.

Sark and Jethou again.

.. as things get orangey-pink with the setting sun

.. the fog shifts a little...

.. and more of the islands appear again.

You could be stuck in that on a boat, hemmed in, and think that all of the islands region is fogged too... totally unaware that it's just a relatively small effect :)

I had to leave before the sunset, but I was happy with what I'd seen.


Anonymous said...

Another excellent set--very atmospheric! I'm curious; the photo you caption 'looking towards Normandy', was that taken from Bouley? The little spit of rock seems to suggest it although I could be wrong.


crapaudmatic said...

Thanks Hazel... just took a peek at your blog, good to see someone else enjoys Pendulum... and I enjoyed the critter on the stairs video :)
I was at Les Platons for those fogbank pics.