Sunday, 12 April 2009

Noirmont - more

I'm a bit grumbled to see hedging planted all the way along here on both sides - it's going to spoil the open character of the place to drive along with no view.

.. at least there should still be a view at the end!

The state of Portelet

.. boarded up and vandalised cafe.

Someone's got waaaaaay too much money :)

Such a shame a roadway down to the bay is privately owned. Imagine being able to drive down there? It would still be a popular beach. Inshore rescues would be so much easier. The States should have compulsory-purchased it years ago!

A better viewpoint to see where the old Holiday Village used to be - soon to be more luxury housing.

.. like the new stuff up there on the skyline where the old Bergerac Hotel used to be.

Not the best shot of the bay - the sun was inconveniently in the wrong place...

.. the other direction was better lit.

That looks like somewhere I may to go exploring when weather, tides, and health permits :)

Someone else was enjoying the views

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