Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Glad it's over for another year

Just a few left over that I might as well publish...

King Street

Royal Square


Halkett Place


Christmas stress over... now to earn some pennies to pay for it all, dread the tax return, work our way through the two coldest months of the year... and look forward to spring :)


Dottie said...

Great to see ou back with more pix :) Mised your super photos for 5 days!!

crapaudmatic said...

Happy New Year Dottie and all.
Thanks, and sorry if I've been a bit too busy lately :)
I'm only up to 11% of my diskspace allowance here, so there's ample room to continue (and hopefully they'll increase the limit by the time I'm nearing 100%) and my enthusiasm is much the same as ever!
A few more comments from people would be nice though, I must say!