Wednesday, 8 October 2008


At the Elizabeth Marina, looking back along the wall towards the Carbuncle Cup candidate, the Hotel Eyesore.

Eastwards towards the Harbour Reach block and South Hill.

A Condor ferry on the way. Maybe I'll learn to get horizons level one day.

Rafts in the bay mark the safety zone for the air display.

Looking over to Beaumont and the 'Gunsite' area.

V.C. is lost amongst the urban detritus of cheap buildings, aerials and CCTV cameras...

.. and will soon disappear from view here when the space gets filled in between the hotel and Harbour Reach... with yet more flats.

Carbuncle? Or St.Peter's community centre turned inside out?
(same colour scheme!)

The Jersey Eye has gone in the last day or two...

(count the landmarks)

.. so here are one or two more shots to remember it by...

Goodbye Jersey Eye, sorry you miscalculated the demand :)

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