Friday, 3 October 2008

La Corbiere Lighthouse

If you like lighthouse pics, today's your lucky day as I've gone a bit overboard on this. I got a bit carried away after getting there one morning and finding the light to my liking.

The Sun's from the right direction in the morning.

Slightly closer...

.. more...

.. closer yet...

.. close enough.

From a different angle, but similar, I admit.

Much closer.

Anyhow, from the public track and car park, this section becomes a No Entry...

(from near there)

(and with people in the shot)

.. leading to the slipway and causeway.

Info board there.

Causeway somewhat damp.

.. with people for scale and human interest.

I got down low for this one.

Finally, the "I think I may have overdone it" section, where I can only justify including these because I liked the foreground rocks and surf.

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