Friday, 26 April 2013

The Town Changes

 A couple of banners aren't really going to persuade anyone to walk up to Colomberie from the Town Center, are they? Without the footfall from passing hotel guests, this area is really languishing.
 Someone has been busy netting the cliff at South Hill in case of rock falls - shame about the ugly fence that they thought was required :(
 And now, an eye on the ever changing face of St.Helier's shops... this new Portugese produce shop in Kensington Street (nearby the Wagon Wheel) used to sport a red and white stripey barber pole - ( Streetview )
La Cascata replaces the old Shahi Tandoori at the top of New St between Reids and the stonemasons.
( Streetview )
Burrard St - and Brown's Antiques gives way to a new shop in the vein of the old Music and Video Exchange. Thumb your way through boxes of old records again! (even more on the 1st floor so do go upstairs) - ( Streetview )
Bath St - it was a bike shop and the Ottoman restaurant when Google visited - ( Streetview ) - it's now another part of the ever expanding Alfonso empire :)
Aspen Estates have moved out, it's now vacant here by West's C. - ( Streetview ) - oh and FeelUnique is now Y-tel, flogging phone and internet over fixed microwave radio links (even more aerial panels about the place on tall buildings, yet, weirdly, no planning applications in the JEP!)

Beresford St - it was a bright yellow Professor Banana's Sweet Emporium - ( Streetview ) - but a new place to refuel has just opened this week.
Halkett Place - was Earth Wind & Water - ( Streetview ) - is now Madhatter
.. along the road, this one has been many things, an empty shop used for charity 'pop-ups' for a while, is now Crew Clothing - ( Streetview )
 Down Hill St and around the corner to Lib. Square - an empty unit for a while... now has a Seafood Cafe. ( Streetview )
 .. into the town center again up Conway St, and here in Broad St we find Barannes have a second outlet where Fast Sandwhich was - ( Streetview )
 The bright colours in Charing Cross / York St - ( Streetview ) - are more muted with the loss of Horseplay. It's now a store of temorary stall holders - new enterprises peddling their wares but with no real reason for us to pop in unless they open it up as a through-route to Sand St again... just a suggestion guys :)

.. along a bit... shocked to see Bella Italia closed, but it's just a refurb and they will open again in May according to with a fresh change from the brown frontage ( Streetview )

Plenty more to come, as things are always changing!


Anonymous said...

How fortunate you are to have new businesses opening or replacing older ones. I live in the (sunny) South East of Ireland and all we have are closures. Lots of factories, call-centres and shops, all closed, being neglected or becoming derelict or, worse still, vandalised. The strict anti-smoking ban and the proliferation of off-licence take-aways has destroyed the pub trade and the shortage of disposable income has destroyed the local economy. Blogs and photo-essays like yours bring welcome hope and relief, honestly! - A visitor from Ireland

crapaudmatic said...

Many thanks for commenting, sorry to hear that your area is suffering badly. Here's hoping we're all on our way out of the recession!