Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Comedy Time

Time to get a little lighthearted, if just mildly whimsical at first...

We were enjoying ice creams at the coast and one of my imaginative offsprings said "That looks like a turtle over there!" ... what do you think?

I found this sight somewhere recently - who knew trees could be so affectionate?

And then the hilarity ensues. They actually think people care enough about politics to turn out and vote on the most complicated way a hijacked electoral commission could possibly rig a ridiculous attempt to make things 'fairer' - completely ignoring the way most of us (according to the last poll) want as many island-wide mandate Senators as possible! The two new choices do away with Senators, have silly voting districts instead of parishes, and cut the number of members to 42 which is nowhere near enough to ensure good balanced government, yet will appeal to the crowd who blindly cheer for reduced costs without considering matters any more deeply.

And to cap it all, the whole thing isn't binding; the States will only debate the results and do what they always do anway - whatever they want while ignoring what we ask for!

Oh it's a right old laugh!

 The A Team have been busy with banners, God Bless 'em. They think it will be fairer their way, but it won't make any difference to what the commission is setting out to do (get more people interested) and will have negative effects that outweigh the good. Superficially 'fair' if you don't think farther than the soundbites, but damaging to the island.

An appropriate place to add one - I can't help borrowing from the slogan used to scare kids from the prospect of going to prison...  I think "B? Me? No way!" ... the very worst of the options; combining the madness of Option A and then piling on the insanity of keeping the Constables, to make it even worse!

C sense. Incredible to think that I agree with ILM on something! The fact is, ignoring the whole farcical thing won't help to register your disgust.

If you don't like the new options A or B, then C is the logical "None of the above" choice. Stick a "1" in the box for C, and don't use any other second choices.

Tell them to Think Again - Vote C until they do a better job!


crapaudmatic said...

So, who supports free speech, and who doesn't? I added a link to this blog posting on 5 of the most recently updated popular blogs - with the wording "My take on things - it's just silliness - if I'm allowed my point of view :) Thanks"

Well done to Sam Mezec and Rico Sorda. Not so well done to Nick Le Cornu and Clever Trevor, although to be fair, they may not have had the chance to approve comments yet.

Stuart Syvret though, has approved a few comments since mine, and rejected my free speech. For shame, Stuart. 1 black mark against you this time :)

crapaudmatic said...

Nick Le Cornu has since published my comment, no sign of any activity on Trevor P's blog yet.

crapaudmatic said...

Recent comments (including mine) have now shown up on Trevor's blog.

So it's just Stuart :)

I do realise he gets an awful lot of garbage comments and trolling, and he has had to grow quite picky about what he lets through, so I'll cut him some amount of slack.