Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Path - Swan Farm to Grands Vaux

For years I've always wondered, coming down Langley Ave., is there a way up into those fields, any footpaths?
The answer is Yes, I recently discovered. There's a No Through Road called Swan Farm Lane, heading down from the exit of Grainville School's road...
At the end, Swan Farm. And to the left, an official Public Footpath to Grands Vaux...
.. so I got to stand behind that phone box at last :)
 A Bing map to illustrate what's what.
On the footpath. looking back at Langley Avenue...
.. to the right from that shot, a view over a field lets us see a distant Elizabeth Castle, amongst St.Helier's taller buildings.
Heading away from the official path, on what seems to be Permitted Access along a track between the fields.. the view back to the road where I had always wondered...
.. and there's an entrance, of sorts, to the grounds of Grainville School.
A bit farther along the track, and it emerges on the corner of Deloraine Road, at the top of the one-way hill.
Down said hill to Grands Vaux school, an old Cross...
.. and I took a detour to admire the streams below the reservoir...
.. a charming old house...
.. and a footpath opposite the GV primary school takes us behind Willow Grove to the depths of Pillar Gardens.. and another path goes right behind the houses and the woodland to emerge near the steep driveway to the Youth Center as seen here from just off the main road. The pathway back to Swan Farm is easily spotted off the car park around the corner up this road. All in all a rather pleasant bit of exploration for Team Crapaudmatic, and just goes to show that even after all these years there's still more to see! :)

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Anonymous said...

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