Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Les Folies d'Olivet

Le Jardin d'Olivet is a nice piece of common land in Trinity, above the east side of Bouley Bay. A reasonably sized carpark leads off the corner of a lane.

The area mostly seems to be used by dog-walkers, and sadly not all of them pick up their mess. But anyway...
 .. it's been about 20 years since I last visited, so I thought I'd reacquaint myself with the place. The woodland on the left here leads nowhere (you have to go downwards for a fair climb before you can head west to Bouley Bay through another patch of woodland)...
.. but it's still worth a look around if you like an old (Victorian?) folly or two. This one can just be seen through the trees from the carpark. The last time I was here this was cracked, overgrown and at risk of collapse (as seen in 2007). Someone has got things back in order.
 The other side.
 Inside, from the doorway.
 Looking out of the 'window' from the first shot.
 Some colourful addition someone saw fit to bless us with.
 A little farther into the trees to the west (among a surprising number of blown-over trees), and there's another folly - round this time.
 Open at the top, and a floor of leaves at this time of year.
 Very heraldic.
Also lurking in the area is this, I wonder what it was?
 And in the private garden nearby, one of their own.

It was a pleasant walk and bit of exploration, one for parents with kids likely to be wow-ed by such things. Just be careful if there's a brisk north wind, it's only a couple of degrees C above ice making, and you're likely to catch a repulsive headcold.


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