Friday, 4 May 2012

Tourism Decline - Hotels gone

Since the heyday of Tourism in the late 1980s, it's amazing how many hotels have vanished. It seems to be easier to "sell the family silver" and get a huge sudden income from selling up, rather than work away at bringing in a longterm steady income from the asset.

We got a hint of what was to come back in 1980s when three hotels vanished from Greve d'Azette...

and planners must have decided that it was fair game to produce a high-rise zone there.

The Demi des Pas Hotel (Dunes, Edelweiss Restaurant names spring to mind) became Demie Apartments (who wants to live in half an apartment?!) and the Dunes Apartments. We then have South Beach and Le Mondine, and then Maison Victor Hugo that replaced the Victor Hugo Hotel, and Millennium Apartments where the Victoria Baths Hotel once was.

Since that early spate of redevelopment the tourist industry was neglected in favour of Finance, with many States policies reducing the appeal of the island to tourists, and an admitted move to discourage the "bucket and spade brigade" in favour of a smaller number of higher spending 'classier' visitors. The island of cheap entertainments and tax-free goodies vanished along with the buzz that came with it.

So many hotels got flattened and rebuilt as housing, or were converted to appartments. If you see an apartment building that looks like it was once a hotel, the chances are that it was. I'd wager that a significant percentage of islanders live in buildings where there used to be a hotel or guest house, I know more than a few, and that included me, once.

Where there was once the Hotel de la Fontaine, and later St.Peter's Country Apartments and Bobby's Bar - it's now "Clos de la Fontaine" housing.

This one at Greve de Lecq is going...

I hadn't realised the Portelet had been looking sorry for itself for the last couple of years.

We've just heard (again) that Les Charrieres wishes to give up...

and the Metropole too.

There have been numerous changes since the Google Car visited us a couple of years ago. In just the last year...

The Monaco in Parade Road is now...
.. looking sorry for itself.

and the one splendid La Tour at St.Aubin...
.. is being removed.

There are now about 70 hotels still operating in Jersey. Compare that number to the following that have all disappeared in less than 25 years...
(many still listed, amusingly, on various hotel websites!)

Aberfeldy Hotel, Old St.Johns Road
Hotel Alexandra, Cheapside
Allandale Hotel (and carvery)
Alton Hotel, Rouge Bouillon
Angleterre Hotel, Gloucester Street
Anne Port Bay Hotel
Les Arches Hotel (Bar Papillon), Archirondel
Arden Hotel (Admiral), Don Rd
Barra Hotel, Kensington Place
The Bays Hotel, St.John's Road
Bay View Hotel, St.Aubins's Road
Beach Hotel, Gorey
Beau Couperon (Le Couperon de Rozel)
Beau Vallon Hotel, Trinity Road
Belle Plage, Green Island
Bergerac Hotel, Portelet
Berkshire Hotel (Lilly Langtree Bar), La Motte St
Blenheim Hotel, La Rue de Trachy
Bon Air Hotel, Pontac
Bonne Nuit Chalet Hotel
Hotel Bouley Bay Inn
Broadlands Hotel, Mont Fallu
Brookfield Hotel, Raleigh Av
Carlton Hotel, Havre Des Pas
Casablanca Hotel (Blue Fox, later the O Bar), Gloucester Street
Case Marina, Beach Rd
Central Hotel, Kensington Place
Cerise Hotel, Kensington Place
Le Chalet Hotel, Corbiere
Chateau de la Mer Hotel, Havre Des Pas
Chateau Valeuse, St.B Bay
Chelsea Hotel, Gloucester Street
Cheval Roc Hotel, Bonne Nuit
Chippings Hotel, Bagot Road
Clair du Lune Hotel, Elizabeth Place
Clarendon Grove Hotel, Rouge Bouillon
Claymore Hotel, 55 The Esplanade
Le Coie Hotel, Springfield
Colesburg Hotel, Rouge Bouillon
Continental Hotel, St.Saviour's Rd (Liberation Court)
Hotel Coralie, St.Aubins's Rd
Cornucopia, Le Mont Pinel
Cornwallis Private Hotel, Havre des Pas
Corona Hotel, Don Rd
Cote du Nord Hotel (La Tourelle Restaurant)
Hotel Les Creux, St.Brelade's Bay
Delafield Hotel, First Tower
Earl Hotel, West Park Avenue
Elmdale Farm Hotel, Rue de la Blanche Pierre, St.Lawrence
St.Elmo Private Hotel, Kensington Place
Hotel L'Emeraude, Longueville
Hotel De L'Europe, 5 Mulcaster Street (Chambers)
Hotel de la Fontaine (Mont Fallu / Beaumont Hill)
La Fontaine Hotel, St.Clement
Galaxie Hotel, Peirson Road
Glenthorne Hotel, Elizabeth Place
Graham Hotel, 60 St.Saviour's Rd (The Lounge)
Grand Vue Hotel, St.John's Rd
Grange Court Hotel, Roseville St
Greenwood Lodge Hotel, Roseville St
Gresham Lodge Hotel, Rouge B
Greve de Lecq Hotel
Grosvenor Hotel, Havre des Pas
Grouville Bay Hotel, nr Golf Course
Halberton Hotel, West Park Av
Harthover Hotel, Beach Road
Havering Hotel, Elizabeth Place
Havre des Pas Hotel, 1 Peirson Terrace
Holme Lea Hotel, Pomona Road
Hotel L'Hermitage
Highfield Hotel, Trinity
Hotel Horizon View, Victoria Av
Idle Rocks Hotel, Bonne Nuit
Kalamunda Hotel, Gorey Village
The Laurels Hotel, La Route du Fort
Lavender Villa Hotel, Rue a Don
Leighton Hotel, First Tower
Leoville Hotel
Lido Bay Hotel (Earl Grey)
Lincoln Hotel (3 St.Sav Rd)
Little Grove Hotel, Bel Royal
Magnolia Hotel, St.Aubin's Road
Maison Herault Hotel
Mandalay Hotel, First Tower
Marguerite Hotel, Elizabeth Place
Meadow Bank Hotel, nr Underground Hosp.
Mermaid Hotel
Midvale Hotel, Mont Fallu
Mimosa Private Hotel, 94 St.Saviour's Rd
Monaco Hotel, Parade Road
Montana Private Hotel, 76 Great Union Rd
Mont de la Rocque Hotel (Le Mirage Bistro)
Montfort Hall Hotel, Great Union Road
Mont Millais Hotel
Oakbey Hotel, Route du Fort
Hotel L'Oasis, Fauvic
Ocean Hotel, Westmount Road
Penguin Hotel, Portelet
Hotel Des Pierres, Greve de Lecq
Hotel De La Plage, Havre des Pas
Playa d'Or Hotel, Greve d'Azette
Portelet Hotel
Portland Hotel, Midvale Road
Hotel du Puits (La Forge Bar), Portinfer
Raleigh Hotel, Mont au Pretre
Hotel Rex, St.Saviour's Rd
Ritz Hotel, Colomberie
Rockhampton Hotel, St.Aubins's Road
La Rondel Hotel, Archirondel
Rosebank Hotel, St.Saviour's Rd
Royal Oak Hotel, Great Union Rd
Sandringham Hotel, Gloucester Street
Santa Monica Hotel, St.Andrew's
Seacliff Hotel, Gorey Hill
Sea Crest Hotel, Petit Port
Seagrove Hotel, Corbiere
Silver Springs
Sunshine Hotel, Marett Road, Havre Des Pas
Swansons Hotel
Tay House Hotel, St.John's Road
Hotel La Tour
Hotel Trafalgar Bay, Gorey Village
Vauvert Hotel, First Tower
Washington Hotel, Clarendon Road
White Heather Hotel, Millbrook
Willoughby Hotel, Green St
Woodlands, La Route des Cotils
Woodville Hotel, St.Saviour's Rd

- and that's just 125 Hotels for starters, I'm sure I could find more by studying my little collection of almanacs. In addition to that lot, the vanished guest houses are countless!

Tourism chiefs normally claim that the decline weeded out the 'less fit' and poorer quality hotels, but looking through the list I can spot plenty that were high quality, in great locations, and gave thousands of visitors enjoyable stays while they were here. I am still saddened by how far we've fallen.


Anonymous said...

Can I request an honourable mention for the Playa D'Or hotel at Greve D'Azette. I lived opposite as a child and used to watch the lights going on and off all night as guests returned to their rooms.It all seemed so exotic and I would have given anything to have gone inside - just once!

crapaudmatic said...

Thanks, I've got a few more to add already :)

I'll have to look up where that one was, name rings a bell but I can't place it.


Anonymous said...

Astounded reading that list, has Jersey changed so much, was going to visit this summer as it will be 30 years since I first went there, not sure if i'll bother now, I know things changs an all that but this is scandalous...

crapaudmatic said...

Thanks for commenting. It's still worth a visit for the heritage attractions and scenery, but you won't find the buzz any more. You won't feel you're part of legions of other visitors, as much as someone 'intruding' (almost!) on a sleepy island (out of town) that's little more than a dormitory for the Finance worker drones.

Hordes of tourists around town, women in their stock 'white cardies', Wine Lodges all over town, the brief 90s craze for shops selling cheap novelties, it's all gone.

We even had a word for the tourists - "grockles". We simply don't need it any more, and I haven't heard it in ages. Unless there's a camera around their neck, or they're in a large group like conference goers or French daytrippers, I simply don't notice tourists any more. If they're there at all, they simply don't stand out.

If I reach the end of my tether with this place I will probably seek to move to a coastal resort somewhere else that still has a thriving tourism industry, just to recapture the buzz of it all.

Anonymous said...

I worked there 82-86 one of my jobs was with Falles Hire Cars, recognise a lot of these hotels as we had to pick up the hire cars from them. What was the hotel near Falles called was it The Silver Springs? It used to thrive!

crapaudmatic said...

The Mermaid was closest to the airport and Falles, Silver Springs was along the long straight road between Red Houses and the hill down to St.Aubin.
Cheers :)

wobblybean said...

Hi Mr C, soory not posted for a long time. I remember so many of those places and miss not seeing them any more, but still continute to come over (as have been doing since my first visit in the 70's) to visit the beaches and countryside of the Island and just relax doing not a lot!!! Coming abck this year with all the family to show our new grandchildren the Island and meet up with friends we have made over the years. Can't wait to get on the plane in August! Our granddaughter waves to every plane that goes over their house and says she is going on one!! She is 2 yrs old!!! Thanks for all your pics and updates, I really do appreciate all your hard work. A.

crapaudmatic said...

Good to hear from you A, hope the trip this year is as good as ever!

Anonymous said...

My first holiday 'abroad' back in the sixties was to the Woodville Hotel. Came back in the 80's to visit once again. Sorry to see it go and read of the decline of this holiday isle.

Anonymous said...

Do you know any more of the history or location of the Mermaid Hotel? My family and I have booked a holiday to Jersey this summer and I am keen to try to see where the Mermaid was (if the building still survives) as my parents spent their honeymoon there in 1974. Thank you.

crapaudmatic said...

Hi Anon, the Mermaid was right here by the airport if you want to take a look. Have a nice trip!

Anonymous said...

Stayed at the Seacliff private Hotel in Gorey, must be around 30 years ago now.
The old couple who owned it were still there but there son was managing it at the time and his girlfriend ran the bar. The owners vintage silver Aston Martin was parked in the drive but not used much. Across the road they had a small garden and pool for residents.
The food was very good and they had a pool table in the bar.
It was a nice holiday but I forgot my driving licence, luckily I met a Lady in the Hotel and she very kindly took me siteseeing in her own car.
Sad to see all these Hotels now gone.

Anonymous said...

Stayed at the Portland Hotel in 1990 for my honeymoon. Was looking to return for silver wedding next year - sad to see it has gone, probably turned into apartments at an extortionate price.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

We stayed at the Royal Jersey Golf club hotel in Grouville but now I think it,s just the golf club house.

Sonia o'driscoll said...

Does anyone have any info on a Hotel that used to be in Jersey called Montford Hall.?ie when it closed down,the owners names mum used to work there in the 1950's.

crapaudmatic said...

Hi Sonia, that one was here :,-2.108445

No idea who owned it. It closed some time ago, at least 10 years I think, probably more like 15-20.

Same old story - knock it down, build flats :(

peter day said...

Lived in st.helier 40 yrs ago! Used to go to the birdcage bar in the sunshine hotel to see the grockles. Hade a massive birdcage at back of bar full of budgies!. Happy days.

Anonymous said...

Stayed at the Vauvert in 1967 & again in 1970 on our honeymoon. Just made a booking for our 45th anniversary. Sadly not the Vauvert !!!

Anonymous said...

Worked at woodville hotel during 1979. Was a great year and i was going back for visit after 36 yrs. Think i won't cos all the places i loved have changed beyond recognition. Shame

Anonymous said...

Ref Jersey hotels

Went back to Jersey for our 40th Wedding Anniversary May 2015 , stayed in 1975 at the Tay house hotel in St Johns Road there is a pic here on the site but alas it is very long gone sady not even 2 senior Jersey residents could recall where exactly in St Johns Road old or new it was located. WE stayed 2015 at the excellent West View hotel in St Johns - splendid smaller hotel BUT guess what its closing in Oct this year 2015 -owner has sold it as building land for 5 luxury detached houses.Chatted to some of the more well heeled residents who expressed a wish to move on from Jersey for varying reasons-- lots of lovely beaches and super sights but somehow an aura of rough round the edges and deteriation seemed to hang over the island-- maybe Guernsey is less spoilt-- a rough comparison is how Gozo is what Malta used to be like. But of course nothing stays the same so we cannot live in the past-- really enjoyed being there for the 40th Liberation Day celebrations, very moving and was able to take images in similar spots to where we were all those years ago but would not rush back for another holiday but that of course is my personal opinion.

Anonymous said...

Lived in the claymore in the late 80 and early 90 when building the dam great times retired now B Callender

Pam poling said...

Just returned to Jersey since the 60's when we stayed at the Ker du Pons with friends and then again on our honeymoon at the Seagrove Hotel, Corbiere. So sad to see both places gone, however we have enjoyed returning and exploring this beautiful island.

Anonymous said...

Stayed at the Cambrai Hotel in Beaumont 2 years running 85 and 86 great times sadly was one of the first hotels to go and become flats/lodgings some 25 years or more ago

Showstoppers je said...

The Cambril, I think it was Jonathan Segal's Hotel (Therfore part of the Modern Hotels Group)It was just after the filter-in-turn at Beaumont en route to St. Aubin heading west.

Anonymous said...


Spent our Honeymoon in 1966 at The Sunshine Hotel and many nights in the Birdcage Bar. Where was it and what's there now i wonder. Never been back since but Going in 2017 as an anniversary treat !

Anonymous said...

Worked in the southhampton hotel in 1987 opposite the old bus station. Thats closed now.x

Derek said...

Sad to see the demise of so many Jersey hotels, I worked a season at the Seagrove Court, Corbiere in 1955, a wonderfully sunny hot summer. Long hours in the Tartan Bar/ Vintage Bar, however many benefits for a young man, with new attractive arrivals every week.
Stayed till Xmas constructing the bottle fronted bar where the kitchen had been. Great memories of staff from all over Europe.
And a young lady from St Brelades who worked at Jersey Airlines.

Derek Lambert said...

My Jersey hotel memories stem from 1955, a wonderfully hot summer where I worked a season at the Seagrove Court, Corbiere.
Long hours running the Tartan and Vintage Bars. At one point the island nearly ran out of lager. Later staying to help construct the bottle fronted bar. There were many benefits however, lots of attractive guests arriving weekly....bought an open Austin 7 for peanuts and toured the island. Often remember a certain young lady from St Brelades who worked at Jersey Airlines. We used to annoy the nearby Le Chalet hotel by opening the bar doors for the 2 piece orchestra to be heard outside. The owner, Osbourne-Smith fancied himself as an operatic tenor and would entertain the guests after dinner, with the magnificent sunset over the lighthouse filling the restaurant. A summer to remember, I believe the St Helier hospital was full with sunburn cases.

Anonymous said...

Looking for pictures and info of the rock Hampton hotel west park st helier , a party of us went there in 1967 50 years ago any help would be appreciated???

Debs and Tracy ( Bestie) said...

Usedw To Work in Jersey in the 80 s from 1980 -1990 On and off every year go back for the New Season Met some lovely people Tourists and workers and Jersey Beans as they called them selves but all the Locals we both met were all lovely and told some Stories of Jersey .Worked in some lovely hotels .And shops and the old Airport .Went over in 2006 .to meet up for a Reunion .and finally stayed at the Grand- Hotel Made a change from just looking over the wall all them years ago wishing we could stay there .Used to bike around Jersey learnt to drive over there .Have some lovely memories .Best growing up days of Our Lives .special place Jersey always in Our Hearts and plenty of fantastic memories All the shops so cheap .And Bars open every night .Fantastic Beaches and brilliant Tan .They were the days going down the pub with the Guests and plenty of laughs .Its changed quite surprised at all the Appartments and flats near Harbour a New Airport .A lot of hotels gone plenty of houses .Loved working in St Lawrence and Gorey Village St Peters and St Helier .Look foreward to another both of us to meet up with long time Friends and also some of the Locals or as they call themselves Jersey Beans ....

Fish said...

Great to read so many comments that have brought back very pleasant memories of 1950's and 1960's.Tartan Bar,Birdcage Bar, Sunnyside Cafe,Continental Hotel,Westpark Pavilion.Can anyone remember the Castle Irwell Hotel??

Diamond said...

Hi Can anyone remember a bar or restaurant called Roy and Mo in the eighties, it may have been part of a hotel. Thank you

Anonymous said...

Had my last family holiday with my parents as a 16 year old, just left school in Jersey, back in 1988. Stayed at the West View Hotel, sadly now gone, replaced by houses ! Sad to hear of the demise of the tourism industry, it was such a popular holiday destination & some beautiful beaches & coastline. Even 'Charlie Hungerfords' old house (Windward House) has succombed to the developers ball & chain ! Happy memories.

Anonymous said...

My parents and I had 3 fabulous holidays at the Maison Herault Hotel in the 1960s. I have some wonderful memories of our holidays there and sad to say, my parents have now gone as well as the hotel.

Liz said...

My dad inherited the Sunshine Hotel from my grandfather Henry Frank Bartlett in the 1950's. I vaguely remember it as a young child, and there were hollyhocks planted outside. We left Jersey in 1961, and was sad to learn it has since been demolished. Would love to hear more memories of it.

J Mendiwelson said...

Found this article by chance!!. It brought to mind nostalgic memories. I visited Jersey (from USA) a number ot times in the early 70s.
I stayed at the Little Grove Hotel. It was (as I remember) magic!!! (Or is my imagination??).
Can anyone comment on what happened to that Hotel?.
J Mendiwelson (from Colombia South America)

Unknown said...

Hi,when I was 5 my whole family had a wo nderful holidayat the Barra hotel St Helier.I t wasvery hot that year.My cousin and I were told off by the manager for playing chicken in the road!we used to cadge 6d from my grandad to put in the pool table to release the balls.I bought a plastic jersey cow and plastic toy boat as souvenirs.It was ourlast holiday altogether as grandad died the following feb just after my 6th birthday.still have the holiday pics and the memories of our exotic holiday.lovely little island.

Unknown said...

Also the Samares Coast Hotel in St Clements and the Old Court House Hotel in Gorey have both closed, in the last few years.

Dainty said...

I myself was born in Jersey and even after living in Brighton 34 years I still remember many hotels with affection. How tragic to see even more hotels go under. The Shakespeare also closed on 1 January 2017. What is the island coming to? I remember driving past the Playa d'Or hotel with my parents in the 1970s but forget what it looked like. Please can anyone post or email a picture? The Castle Irwell is now the Cristina. The Tay is now Tay House or Tay Court. The Aberfeldy, which was in the same road and has been gone many years, is apparently flats but what is it called? I wonder if the new Premier Inn that opened in Charing Cross on 29 May 2018 will help to stem the tide. I hope so

Unknown said...

How sad to see three more hotels gone.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know anything about Glos'ter House Hotel. We had a flat there when we first came to the island. It is never mentioned in any hotel memories.

Anonymous said...

Gosh seeing The Casablanca mentioned brings back wonderful happy memories of 4 or 5 years in a row in the 1980's having a good boogie on the dance floor and laugh with the fellow guests - it was a fun hotel and always made good friends. On my last visit to Jersey so sad to see it long gone - still I have some photos of those happy days and I've never forgotten anyone I met on those holidays. Gosh we must all be in our late 50's early 60's now! Where did the time go?

123Christine123 said...

My husband and I with our children stayed at the Lido Bay Hotel, St Aubins in 1983. The back of the hotel came straight onto the promenade and down to beach. Had a really lovely time with our baby & toddler - ideal.

Just returned on Monday from our short break and had tried to find it whilst in Jersey with no success whatsoever.

What became of it and where precisely was it located. I think nearer to St Helier than St Aubins. Possibly around the 1st Tower area.

Any information would be much appreciated.

Jersey has changed immensely but is still a lovely island, and the bus service so good there is no need to hire or bring ones own car.


Anonymous said...

Hi, here is another example if the demise you’ve mentioned I think? Can you confirm if the Midvale Apartments at Mont Fallu, is the old Midvale Guest House(later the Midvale Hotel??)My in-laws stayed there on Honeymoon in 1965 and would love to know as they are planning a visit next year after 55 years!! Kind regards. Andrew.

Brenda said...

I worked at the Grosvenor Hotel Havre Des pas 1975 - 1978
Helen Bartlett was the owner/manager then and what a lady to work for, she was amazing

I did return in 2009 and saw some changes

Me and my friends who worked at the Hotel are returning to the Island to re live our youth on 17 May 2019

Cant wait to see it again

Unknown said...

Hello, I've just been going through some old photos which brought back memories of a lovely holiday spent on the island of Jersey in 1967. My friends and I stayed at the Hotel L'Europe which we thought was very grand and loved it. Does anyone know if this lovely home is still a hotel? thanks, Sue

Unknown said...


Stayed several times in the Vauvert with my parents during 70's and early 80's - nice people who ran it (John and ???) also stayed at Aberfeldy throughout 80's and early '91 - great memories sad they have both gone!

Unknown said...

Worked for a season at the Montfort Hall Hotel in 1985 running the bar. Boarded a little propeller plane from Dundee and arrived I Jersey without a job. Stayed in a B & B until I secured this job after a couple of days. I used to get every Tuesday night off and all day Wednesday. Met some fantastic people and have brilliant memories working in Jersey. The hotel & island was busy so am dismayed to hear of the decline of tourism. I also used to go to the Blue Fox on my night off which used to have live entertainment. Being a young man I had the time of my life on Jersey and the beaches were amazing.

KJ said...

Do you have any photos of the Rockhampton Hotel?

KJ said...

Do you have any photos of the Rockhampton Hotel?

Anonymous said...

My wife and I honeymooned at Swansons Hotel St hellier in 1961 and we returned
again to same hotel for our 25th anniversary. Was hoping to return again
in 2021 for Diamond anniversary, but I see Swansons is long gone. We have such great
memories. Sad to read about all the changes, but I suppose nothing can remain for ever

Lynda L said...

I worked the 1972 season at the Maison Herault Hotel St Aubin It was a lovely old place. The owners were Cliff and Mabel Bean.we had an amazing summer. I remember Lords disco in St Helier and the Courthouse in St Aubin . Wonderful memories

Unknown said...

My dad worked the doors there Jim caulfield

Unknown said...

As a child in the 60s my family returned several times to the aberfeldy hotel, can you enlighten me to which road this was on.I have fond memories and lots of photos left by my parents of the flower floats that were an annual event each year when we visited.

Anonymous said...

We stayed at the Millbrook House Hotel several times and really enjoyed it. We read that the owner has sadly passed away and so the property is now closed. I just wondered if you had heard if it had been sold, and there was any chance of it re-opening again?