Thursday, 31 May 2012

Misc and Mist

 First, the terrible news that the Lions have left the Lion Park.

On Sunday the sky looked like a freeze-frame of choppy waters, all peaks and troughs. By the time I decided I actually would slow the car down and pull over for snap, the effect wasn't so dramatic.
The gate at St.Brelade's Church...
... closer, with Ouaisne beyond.
Compare and contrast : luxury homes, seaside hotel leisure - and the ever-present inevitable :)
Again, a half-hearted rushed snap, trying to get a composition out of foreground and background, and not coming up with much!
Squint a little, and from a distance it looks like a cityscape of towers. Monuments at St.B, and a misty bay behind.
.. the same mist that engulfed St.Aubin's Fort...
 .. and Corbiere
- and to the right, St.Ouen's Bay and La Rocco Tower.


Anonymous said...

Love the 'Monuments at St. B.' one.

I saw all the mist earlier this week and thought it would be terrible for photos. Now I wish I'd gone out and taken some. Oh well, next time.

Geoff Flett said...

Great pics! I am married and going to celebrate my wife’s birthday in jersey in March next yr. I love the food, the tradition, the pizza in jersey are three reasons to be there.