Tuesday, 3 April 2012

More street art from GF

It's been a while since Street Art from GF last aroused my interest, some of the stickers still remain around St.Helier and beyond, but almost all of the board paintings have been removed including one of the last hangers-on down at the roundabout near Albert Pier (gone about a month ago). One very faded painting remains near People's Park (update - it did for another week or two, then the door it was on got repainted and the artwork was removed!)

It appears that he's placing some simple sketches on cardboard around the town again.

I noticed this one first (24th Mar), I didn't recognise the style but I was intrigued enough to take a snap in case it was the start of another wave of artworks to get me keeping my eyes peeled...

Another one was placed on a JT cabinet that GF had used before, using the same adhesive technique, but it had gone by the time I came back with any kind of camera.

Thanks to Tom for snapping this one at the Waterfront, we can see that the angular question mark and marker pen strokes match the old GF style, and the baggy eyelids are the same as in some of his paintings on Facebook.

.. closer.

I found this one today (Mon 2nd Apr)...

(Thanks Tom for the photo)

.. oh, and a cluster of 9 there too! (One missing on Tuesday)

(again Thanks to Tom)

And Thanks to my other Roving Reporter, we can see this one at Liberation Square.

Found near the Town Church, Tues 3rd April.

I still enjoy seeing creative works around the place - I hope you're keeping well Mr F, and that wise buyers are giving you some income :)

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