Tuesday, 4 October 2011

La Collette Prom - update after the works

In a previous blog entry I showed what the plans were for changes to the prom to provide emergency services vehicular access to the incinerator. My verdict? A job well done. The area's charm has been preserved, despite the incinerator's glowering presence.

Compared to how it used to look - we can see that a wall has gone and the parking has moved back towards the road.

Looking back, as it is now.

They've had some fun chipping away at protruding rock.

The view outwards is much the same...

.. even if the path has been widened. At least the granite sea wall has been well reinstated with the railings. Top marks here, from me :)

A bit of sea wall here is bare concrete, but then so was/is the stretch on the other side of the steps, so no complaints here.

.. looking back. What was a very narrow corner is now much wider, and the vandalised shelter has gone.

And so we head towards the reclaimed land section, where they've unfortunately denied access to the new seafront...

.. which is such a shame ...

.. as the view along the east coast is rather wonderful.

At least we get to go along a little bit.

Continuing along the path, it widens out at the back of the power station, where I remember railings and a few steps down to the rocky shoreline. Up to the right...

.. a path up to South Hill and the TA centre.

.. down on the flat, the cycle/peds path carries on under the incinerator's flue to emerge by Victoria Pier. A nice easy cycle route on the flat that I used to use many years ago (although it wasn't supposed to be a cycle path back then!) which was much more appealing than the incline up Route du Fort or to Colomberie, and far preferable to choking in the tunnel if we wanted to get to Funland :)
Back then the path took us along a concrete sea wall at the side of the power station, which is now very much inland.

From this wide area, looking back to Havre des Pas...

It hasn't been possible to snap this view with seaside railings in the foreground before. Should I claim a first? :)

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From the road, as it was before.

As close as it gets...

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Anonymous said...

Great photos yet again. Credit where credit's due, TTS have done an excellent job here, especially their stonemasons.

Not only was this done for emergency vehicle access, but also to create a proper cycle track to link east to west.

Believe me you do not want to go beyond that gateway, as allegedly that is where TTS store asbestos in a half buried metal shipping container. Let's hope there's never an explosion at the fuel farm, similar to Bunsfield, otherwise the whole of town will be covered in a cloud of asbestos dust!

crapaudmatic said...


But if we're OK to walk along the beach when the tide is out, what difference would it make to be up on the path here, a mere 20ft closer to the incinerator - and still farther away than the road goes the other side! There just doesn't seem to be any good reason to keep us out.

wobblybean said...

Super pics and commentary as usual! Can't wait to see for myself all the changes when I get over next year. Keep up the good work. A.

crapaudmatic said...

Thanks A

Anonymous said...

This is great seeing the more frequent posts, plus the maps now, too. Nice work and don't get burned out!

crapaudmatic said...

Thanks, it's still hard to find inspiration - I feel like I've already done most of the place :)