Friday, 29 October 2010

DB9 Superyacht

A couple of weeks ago a superyacht called DB9 passed by and stopped in St.Helier Harbour. It is a 52m / 170ft PJ170 initially called the PJ-501
(see this webpage).

Another vessel was there at the same time...

.. the tall ship "Christian Radich" (English language website)


wobblybean said...

Amazing what money can buy, I wish!!!! Lottery please come my way!LOL A.

Anonymous said...

Oh, the Christian Radich! One of that small elite class of pre-war Class A ships still operational. I'd rather have a tall ship than the other thing any day of the week.

DottieBean said...

Hi :) R U OK Craupadmatic? It's been quite a while since you have posted with any stunning photos :(
Looking forward to your next lot :)

crapaudmatic said...

Hi Dottie
Sorry, I've been a bit busy, ill, and the weather hasn't helped. I haven't given up yet!
More soon :)