Friday, 13 August 2010

Misc - A Westmount Walk

A circular walk around Westmount, from the crem down to People's Park, along various back Streets and up the hill again... looking out for things to catch my eye...

That's the crem.

An old gas lamp bracket rusts away quietly.

St. Thomas' Church and Victoria College, seen over a field.

Looking over towards the archive centre, the majority of buildings are comparatively modern, apart from the long terrace in Grosvenor St.

Our lovely Waterfront ;)

The Battle funfair on People's Park rests until the 2pm opening.

You don't see so many of these nowadays - most phone lines are now underground instead of overhead.

Cheapside is going to need a BIG makeover before it's ever pleasant!

A closed shop. There will be more soon, I reckon.

Who's that perched up on Sacre Coeur? ...

Why it's Him of course...

.. look's like He's struggling to keep balance, saying "whoah...!"

Heading up New St.John's Road, there's a brief glimpse of St.T's

.. and from some steps from the corner near the top of the hill, a view over town...

.. in all its glory.

.. tower blocks are so delightful.

Looks like a before-and-after makeover sort of thing.

Thanks for the tip!

Towards Green Island.

Looks way too recent to be from WW1

Well, that was different. I might do some more town walks one day. TTFN

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