Monday, 2 August 2010

Metal Men

New £80,000 cast aluminium figures by Marielle Neudecker, recently unveiled at 44 The Esplanade. 2.5 Million Light Years is the farthest the human eye can see unaided, apparently.

These are part of the "percentage for art" scheme whereby the Planning Dept. bribes developers into providing a cheap thrill for passersby otherwise they don't get their plans for dull offices or flats passed.

There was mention of another new one on the radio today at Havre des Pas, where an Anthony Gormley figure will be planted on the rocks near what is currently the Fort d'Auvergne Hotel - as it that excuses the plan to demolish the hotel and replace it with a massive, towering, SEVEN storey blot on the coastscape shading the beach of an evening!

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DottieBean said...

Interesting :) Shame they have been defaced already :(