Wednesday, 17 December 2008

St. Helier by night at Christmas

King Street

By De Gruchy

Jewellers at New Cut

.. and back down King Street...

.. and another corner of that junction.

Through New Cut to Broad Street...

.. and the old taxi rank now paved over.

.. from Conway Street.

Down at the Weighbridge the Museum arch is lit blue, and the cross beyond can be seen at the signal station up at Fort Regent.

Looking through the railings into the museum courtyard...

.. behind us here, the museum looks out onto the newly paved over Weighbridge area...

.. with under-lit stone benches and a nicely decorated tree in the general direction of Liberation Square.

More to come... if anyone wants them..... just say the word :)


SpiralSkies said...

Fabulous photos as always - I prefer looking at these than actually going back home to Jersey now.


crapaudmatic said...

Merry Christmas, good luck with your entertaining writing :)
Have a great 2009!