Sunday, 26 March 2017

Spring Quiz

OK then bunker experts, where where we and what did we uncover after lots of battling with ivy and brambles here? Steps up to square-ish position with lots of little storage alcoves (some original wood remaining) and a trapezoid (like the base of a long triangle where well over half has been chopped off the top pointy end)  weapon mounting position in the middle. Looks like nobody had been here for many years. Yeah private land, but that doesn't seem to stop us.

I'll tell you where when I'm sufficiently convinced anyone cares :)

Aaaaand... it's here


Brian said...

Wow, looks like a good find! Can you give us a clue please? I don't do well with curiosity, this one is gonna drive me nuts if you make us wait!!

crapaudmatic said...

Sorry Brian, no clues, no reveal just yet :)
Thanks for commenting, it's only taken a week for someone to respond... sigh... it's times like this when I wonder if it's a waste of time digging my heels in, sticking to good old Web v1.0, when Facebook seems to get all the interest now. Would you mind doing me a favour please - put a link to this quiz on there for me, like you did for the Sorel one a while back? That brought me a load of page hits, so I'd quite like to see that again :)
Someone from Unseen will probably know where this bunker is, so that'll put you out of your misery!

crapaudmatic said...

Thanks Brian, if you read this - and hello to Unseen Jersey members! 300 hits in 2 days is way more than I'm used to... but still no comments. Either this blog is a complete waste of time, or I was way off when I believed that about 1 in a 100 viewers would bother to comment.
Never mind, I'll carry on anyway :)

Anonymous said...

Seeckt Flak position

crapaudmatic said...

Finally, we've had a guess - thanks Anon. I'm not publishing your comment yet though... see if anyone else wants to play, first :)

Anonymous said...

Up to you if you post this or not Crapaudmatic...

My previous guess was Batterie Seeckt Flak, so I assume I was right as you are not posting it ;-)

No worries but please be aware the owner of the land lives in the house overlooking it and he doesn't want visitors.

I interviewed him a few years ago and he said too many dog walkers had ruined it for everyone.

You may be interested to know that there were 3 such positions, part of another survives and it looks suspiciously like

the remains of another is also buried there.

A small toilet/wash room remains also but is in terrible condition.

The flak position is indeed unique as it has a crew room underneath, mostly built in red brick...Batterie Ludendorf has 2 similar Flak positions but no crew rooms under them.



crapaudmatic said...

Thanks JB - I've added that info to the page for this Batterie. Cheers!