Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Inside La Rocco Tower

The wonderful old La Rocco Tower, the iconic centerpiece of St.Ouen's Bay - in the St.Brelade's section of the bay by the looks of the map in the phone book. One Sunday some weeks ago it was one of the properties featured on the heritage sites open day...

Have you ever seen so many people clambering over the reef here?
Looking back - an idea how far out it is. It's only a matter of walking for two or three minutes.
Up on the battery, evidence of work going on...
.. looking up, new stonework looks very fresh alongside the old.
At last, a chance (for my roving reporter - thanks mate!) to get inside...
A tight spiral of steps on the right as you walk in...
.. the fireplace is a bit farther along, on the side in a L'Etacq direction.
Looking down from the stairs, apparently "Say cheese!" wasn't a particularly well received line :)
At the top of the steps, the top interior level.
You would have to bring your own ladder to get through up to the roof level. It looks like the Germans reinforced it somewhat.
Looking up...
.. and an empty level after the crowds had left - the fireplace is on the opposite side on this floor, in a Corbiere direction.

Many thanks to my roving reporter, it gives me a really good idea what it's like in there, after years of wondering!

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