Monday, 15 July 2013

Jersey Post Collection Boxes - update

I have updated my page from last year -
Jersey Post Collection Boxes 2012

Thanks to a reader's comment giving me a list of collections, showing box numbers and Jersey Post's official names for them, that page (the link above) now features a fairly complete list of all the boxes in numerical order, showing the official name, my additional directions, the monarch of the time, the type of box, and the maker.

And for the list of the 50 or so boxes due to be retired from service, each (where possible) has a Streetview link in case you can't quite recall where the box is :)

 Too old to be lost, surely such old boxes should be listed?

Seems like a real shame that these parts of our roadside heritage are to go.


Shane said...

This is fantastic work, very well done. You are totally right, a lot of these post boxes should be listed, and probably will be in the future. The list you have produced could be a huge help as a starting point with the listing process. Having checked the Planning website, it appears that no post boxes are currently listed.

I can tell you that the post box in the Central Market was moved there when the Post Office opened in the Market in 1970, and it was moved from Fort Regent. This was confirmed to me by historian, and former postman, Michael Ginns.

Keep up the great work.

crapaudmatic said...

Thank you Shane, very kind of you to comment. Cheers!

crapaudmatic said...

Thanks for the private message, nice one - thanks for letting me know!

crapaudmatic said...

I made a quick update today, filled in a gap in the list :
10 Springfield Road (Le Geyt Estate, opp shop) - wall
is an E2R Carron