Sunday, 19 May 2013

May's Misc

We'll start this batch of snaps with a thumbs up for The Mansell Collection for tarting up a landmark building at First Tower (Streetview) and keeping it alive, as well as giving the island another attraction for visitors.

Next, some views around Town. A mix of old and not so old architecture at Nat West, Brook St.
Charing Cross from a distance, from King St with a view all the way through to Seaton Place.
Charing Cross / York St with the bunting up for Lib Day.
Sand St scene.
Lib Wharf...
.. still trying to make an empty unit seem used, by exhibiting art.
 .. but here's one new outlet...
.. More Than Sport
.. and at the other end of the Wharf, a franchise of UK chain Joe Delucci's - another chance to eat in a former public toilet :)
.. and in the former Tourist Info office, Seafish Cafe ...
.. menu close-up.
The little train is up and running for another season.
The Boat Show had good weather for a change...
.. some idea of the scale of the event.
More street scenes - Conway St...
Fresh new leaves around the Town Church...
.. new Crew shop in Halkett Place...
.. the old Trattoria Centrale (7-11 Don St), closed for some time, is nearing its transformation into Ormer - your chance to have Shaun Rankin cook for you.
The Fish Market is still there, although (unshown) one closed unit inside the place makes it look a bit unloved.
Something about this building and its balconies appeals to me, although those old windows suggest some cold winter conditions inside.
The old Victoria Club is now a Jersey Pottery foodie place, trying to emulate a posh London eatery by the looks of it...
.. looking up, they don't make 'em like this any more - more's the pity. The architects these days think that they can't do it any more, for reasons that only make sense amongst themselves.

They've called it Banjo, for some reason.

.. how the old chapel development "1875" (Wesley St, Dandara) is looming over Beresford St.
Looking along the Le Gallais section Bath St.
This week saw the start of the destruction of St.Martin's School playing field.. hoarding up around the playground...
.. a gap in the fence for access to build on the green field. Booooo!
Amazingly, although I noticed a bunker at Mont Matthieu many years ago, somehow I've never noticed (until now) the part with the view over the bay! As I'm always looking into the distance, I can't believe how I've missed that for all this time :)


James said...

The Mansell Collection, Banjo and Ormer are all looking fantastic. The architects and builders on these three should be congratulated on doing an excellent job on preserving historic Jersey buildings.

I particularly like your photo of Charing Cross looking towards Seale Street, a most unusual angle that makes it look different to how we know it.

crapaudmatic said...

Thanks James, I only hope that one day before too long I'll be taking shots of beautifully restored buildings in Dumaresq St too :)